Our Team for Your Relaxation

„The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.“

- Mahatma Ghandi 


All members of our team have an education of an acknowledged massage school in Thailand. Although Thai massage is based on the same principles everywhere, the techniques and executions that are taught at the different massage schools may vary. Some schools, for instance, put a stronger weight on streching techniques whereas others put more emphasis on the activation of pressure points. Against this background, each of our massagists has her own massage style.  

In addition to their education our staff have many years of practical massage experience, which enables them to recognize your individual needs and to tailor the massage to your wishes and requirements. 





We are very pleased with the positive feedback we receive from our customers and see this as a confirmation of the quality of our work. As an example for this we would like to quote here the comments we have received from some of our customers:


"What a great experience! I feel like newly born. A friendly team and a soothing atmosphere. Thanks, until next time."  

- Karin P.

"You all are worth every recommendation - only here I can be in equilibrium again, relaxed in mind and body! A soothing that I can recommend to anyone ... every time again. ". 

- Martina S.  

“Your great hands have kneaded all the hardness soft again and stroked it away. Thanks for the work, the great scent and the softly rippling music! I am relaxed and will come back." 

- Ilona K.

„Since today I know how hard I´m doing in life with walking. An angel showed me all the sore spots on my feet and up to my knees. Ease is grace that comes from loving hands. Thank you, for a brief visit to heaven." 

- Susanne U.