The Thai Massage

„There is a social dimension during massage. Compassion and goodwill of the care givers, as well as politeness and respectful touching, uplift the spirit of the people being cared for. It enhances faith in goodness.”

 - Praware Wasi



The Thai massage is a recognized and long-established method of relaxation for body and soul. It is based on the knowledge and the art of the Thai ancestors that has been recorded in Pali language on stone more than 2,500 years ago and that has survived until today. In Thailand, Thai massage is part of everyday life, both in the family environment as well as in the field of health care.

The Thai massage is based on a holistic view of man, which takes the body, mind and spirit into account. It has always been oriented to the most important energy lines in the human body and is based on the belief that the health and well-being of body and soul depends on the fact that life energy can flow freely in all the energy lines of the body.

Due to stress, tension, poor posture during daily activities or unfavorable lifestyle, muscular tensions and hardness develop which press on the nerves and inhibit the free flow of energy.

These tensions occur especially along the spine and back. By using targeted massage of local points and various stretching techniques the Thai massage aims to reduce these tenseness, relax the musculoskeletal system, stimulate blood circulation, lymph flow and metabolism and thereby eliminate blockages and enhance the well-being of body and soul.

However, Thai massage also has a positive effect on a mental level, which leads to the result that one often feels calm, balanced and relaxed but also fresh and energetic after a massage.

Today, the principles and techniques of Thai massage are taught at special massage schools in Thailand in accordance with recognized standards, in order to preserve the art and knowledge of the traditional Thai massage and to spread the benefits of this massage beyond the borders of Thailand.

In today's world, in which more importance than ever is attributed to health, well-being and inner balance and in which the procedures of natural healing increasingly gain importance, also the traditional Thai massage enjoys high popularity with people all around the world. Whether you suffer from tenseness caused by prolonged sitting, gardening or sports, feel exhausted or want to treat yourself to a little escape or do yourself something good, the Thai massage is a proven method of relaxation and regeneration.